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Saturday, 19 December 2015

I can't believe "The 8-figure entrepreneur" is really doing this ?!?!?!

Ok, first of all, I've got to admit I'm really excited about this.
Do you know who Lee McIntyre is?
You might not if you're new to the Internet marketing world, but to us oldies who've been marketing online for a while he's a household name. He's the "guru who does things differently". The guy who's launched not ONE but SEVERAL 7-figure businesses in less than 7 years.
Nowadays people actually call him "The 8-figure entrepreneur".
Yes, seriously!
Safe to say he's an authority on building online businesses.
Now (and this is what I'm so excited about)... One of his rare, in-person courses has been filmed and posted online for anyone to watch. It's a complete 2-day course on how to build a profitable continuity business. He's sharing everything he knows about building an online business that can easily reach $100,000/month or more - absolutely NOTHING is left out.
Get the FULL video course here:
I'm not sure what he charged those people in the audience for this course, but the stuff he's sharing is EASILY worth thousands of dollars.
Now, make yourself a cup of coffee, set your phone to silent and watch Lee reveal ALL the little secrets and methods he used to become so successful in these last 7 years:

Thursday, 29 August 2013

New Vulnerability research

Hi ughein,

I wanted to send you the link to our vulnerability research forum and also our security community. With all the recent discussion around Windows-related issues, I thought it may be valuable to you.

If you have a few minutes for a call this week, drop me a note so I can update you on some of the new things we're doing at Qualys.

Looking forward to speaking with you.


Andrew Moore
Qualys, Inc. | On Demand Security |
Tel: 650.801.6100   | Fax: 650.801.6101

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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Crashing The Internet Wealth Floodgates

Have you ever wanted to obtain wealth? Ever dreamed of it?

Is it important to know how to make wealth?

I have got the most important ingredient for your internet success. And I mean it *seriously*.

Who said that you need to buy expensive softwares that those internet marketing "GURU" claims to give you unlimited profits but instead getting nothing in return and that "GURU" reaping the money out of you?

You don't need those stuff. You don't need softwares. You just need a few tools and sheer determination towards your goals.

I have surveyed the Internet and found out that this "e-book" has been the talk of everyone.
And it serves for a purpose and its obviously helping you in your business.
 I saw many in fact mostly having to pay a total amount about $97 dollars just for that single e-book.

How would you like to get it for free? I repeat for free!
The value is indeed $97 dollars. But I would like to give the people an opportunity to have an exposure to this mind-blowing e-book.

I strongly recommend this e-book not only to help your business but to boost it up 2x or even more than you could have bargained for.

This e-book will be continuously giving you the extra mile in your pursuit to success. And this will definitely be your long-term income and will last you for your whole life (FACT).
Let's not wait as the demand for this e-book is highly increasing in the Internet.
I will be straight-forward with you.

Here is the link for you to download your free copy of this e-book with the title "Crashing The Internet Wealth Floodgates" for yours to keep. I repeat *for yours to keep*.

But don't wait too long. This e-book will only be given out until it has reached its maximum amount of downloads and it will be taken down. 
I truly believe this e-book will serve its purpose and help you in your journey towards your business success.
I thank you in support of this e-book.
Good Luck,folks.